We are RC&Media

We are RC&Media, a marketing and communication agency. We take care of the brand of our customers, develop websites and create communication campaigns for our clients.

We help them define their goals and targets, their visual identification, their brand, advertising ítems (brochures, banners, flyers, etc.) and all the necessary elements so that they can implement their commercial office and organize events properly. We also can manage their social networks profiles.

Our work is not only doing original and quality campaigns but also studying our customer needs to provide a solution for their communication problems.

These solutions aim to produce behaviours in the final consumer, reach his mind and place there the service we think it is the best option.

Jaime Rubio

Diretor de contas (Espanha)

Rafael Castaño

Diretor Criativo (Argentina)

Fernando Medina Cebrián

Diretor Criativo (Espanha)

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We are WP Elevation certified members, a global group of business consultors specialized in the Free Software plaftform WordPress. This group helps its members work with their customers using the “best practices” in communication, workflow and project management. WP Elevation offers its members access to a continuous formation and an international community for a permanent professional development.

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